Inktober 2019

I did a few days of Inktober last year but didn’t complete it because a) I have a small human and b) I have a job which sucks the soul out of me. But this year I thought I’d approach it differently and instead of trying to think up new cartoon ideas, I’d just use these fellas;

I’m still trying to figure these guys out. I mean who the fuck are they? I like the idea of using them in a kids book but I really started out as a cartoonist, not an illustrator and I’m not entirely sure what direction they are going in. I’ll use Inktober 2019 to try and develop them and hopefully have a nice little portfolio of ideas at the end.

My usual way of working is to try and complete a picture in an hour. Any more than that and I start to drift. It’s lazy but it does mean that everything I do by default has a particular style.

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