My entire art output at the moment is still these guys. I keep trying different things with them to see what looks good. The first strip is done with a Gillot 303, my dip pen of choice for many years, but I don’t like the look of it. Also using a dip pen on hot press paper tends to leave a ridge of ink although the G nibs from Kuretake that I’ve been using don’t seem to have this issue as much. The second one is done with a Pentel brush pen, a tool that I initially bought to chuck in the sketch bag for on the move, but it gets used in the studio more often than not. The last image is a phrase from a guy called Bill Alexander, the dude before Bob Ross. Bill was a sweet dude but he was pretty much on the other end of the scale compared to Bob in terms of excitement. While Bob always talks about “happy accidents”, Bill used to drive home that “without the darkness there is no light” meaning if you want something to pop then the areas around it need to be darker. Similarly, if you want to draw the eye to a dark spot then the surrounding area needs to be light. These days however, it’s a phrase that’s been somewhat hijacked by the mental health/positive thought movement. If you’re feeling like shit, go and watch Bill on the Youtube.

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