I’ve been drawing for years although  I dropped it when I had my issues from age 20 on wards.

I always thought getting published, never mind paid for a cartoon was an impossibility. I mean cartooning is a bit of an old boys club. So don’t be an old boy. I’ll never get into Private Eye, The Oldie or The New Yorker, and I’m not sure I’d want that anyway. It’s essentially just a bragging thing init?

There are a million places to send cartoons and art work if you look in the right places. Sometimes though, the magazine finds you. Which is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when I spotted a call to arms for a new mental health magazine. I emailed a rambling email after a few pints and I got a positive response. Then I sent some sketches and got the go ahead on one, which is the newest cartoon on this website. It was published this week in issue 1 of Marbles. I went to the launch party on Monday and I was expecting a quarter page or something but I got this:

marbles pages

It was pretty trippy seeing something in print that I had drawn. Not only did I get published in a real magazine, but I also got unexpectedly paid for it which makes it twice as sweet. The text on the left page reads;

I have had two and a half breakdowns in my time and I once walked 1000 miles around Scotland to improve my mental health which was a ridiculous thing to do. I draw cartoons because it gives me an outlet and keeps me sane. The cartoons I create about mental health are based on my experiences, which have at times been absolutely horrendous, so I make light of a lot of the stuff because it’s my way of processing the last 25 years. Or avoiding. My favourite cartoon strip is Calvin and Hobbes and when I grow up I want to be Bill Watterson which must mean I still have a ways to go with this self acceptance thing.

This week I also wrote a post for My Life And Mental Illness and did a short interview on Muddly Mum, who can both be found on Twitter and have excellent blogs. All in all it’s be a bloody exhausting week and Donald Trump has been doing sooooo much cartoonable shit I don’t even know where to start.