New Website

I’ll be using this blog as an outlet for my working practices, posting new work and blogging about the submission process to various publishers and publications. I don’t tend to draw strips and instead focus on single panels. I’ll also use this blog for the occasional cartoon rant about mental health but while I used to be quite an activist, I find myself distancing myself from “The Community” which seems to be inhabited by professional nutters who want to police language and the average psychiatric punter who screams motivational quotes into an empty void.



The aim with this blog is to create at least one finished cartoon per day for submission to one of the big publications like Private Eye, The New Yorker, The Oldie and, um, that’s pretty much the cartoon market these days. I jest of course, but the market is is quite small these days. Thanks to the internet though, if you are a creative person, you can slave over something for hours, give it away for free and be damn grateful for the privilege. What a magical world. Getting published in one of those is a long slog of rejection, I mean Dave Sipress submitted for 25 years before getting accepted by TNY, but I’ve got nothing better to do.