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Trump is obviously one of my favourite things to draw. I say thing because human seems a bit much. This cartoon is based on sketch I did about 2 years ago. I’m quite happy with how the White House turned out.

I ripped this first panel off from someone but I can’t remember who. All I remember is it’s a cartoon of Bill Clinton with a sign that says “Apologies 25 cents”.

If you pledge allegiance to a flag, you’re an idiot.

Hitler was going to be an artist but he got a bit side tracked with the whole Jew thing. Had he made it to art school, we’d have seen fascism of a very different sort. FYI, the caption roughly says “Mixing pigments shall therefore be forbidden. To our one thousand year paintings”. This is a reference to the Thousand Year Reich he planned which lasted about 12 years.


My strip from tonights stream on Twitch explained thusly;

“So this one time, I went a bit suicidey and ended up checking myself into the Royal Ed, the local psychiatric hospital. The food was alright but no matter how many times they clean it, they’ll never get rid of the smell of piss and bad management. While I was there, a psychiatrist told me I wasn’t depressed, just sad and that resulted in me not seeking help for my fuckedupness for another 8 years or so until I had my last splendidly explosive breakdown in 2012.

Anyway, back in 2004 when I ended up in the Royal Ed, I ended up sharing a room with some dude called Gary who was a chronic masturbator. I have no idea if he was in the Royal Ed because of the chronic masturbation or if he was chronically masturbating because staff considered it an “enrichment activity” and he was bored. Either way, as this was the first time I’d been locked up with the crazies and was considered a crazy myself, I thought it’d be considered rude to not shake his hand when offered just in case he was a nice chianti sort of guy who would cut my face off for refusing.”